About us

About plant & machinery valuation, management & used equipment sales services

Whether you need:

  • A plant & machinery valuation to respond to a corporate finance, regulatory, tax or insurance issue
  • To run technical due-diligence to maximise the performance of capital assets
  • Dispose of assets as a result of end-of-life strategy, business closure, rationalisation or liquidation

Working with an organisation who understands the assets and who can articulate relevant and pragmatic answers and advice is vital.

Your plant & machinery valuation team will:

  • Explain the key issues
  • Provide evidence of deep sector knowledge and experience
  • Interpret any relevant regulatory guidelines
  • Demonstrate expert analysis of data and information
  • Deliver a well-researched RICS compliant valuation
  • Respond to client delivery milestones

Your asset management team will:

  • Engage with all financial and operational stakeholders
  • Provide clear dialogue to communicate asset management goals
  • Demonstrate deep sector asset knowledge and experience
  • Introduce measurable goals to manage improved asset performance

Your equipment disposal team will:

  • Provide a pre-sale RICS valuation
  • Optimise the available timescale
  • Demonstrate deep sector asset knowledge and experience
  • Operate a robust electronic platform to sell assets
  • Market to relevant global markets
  • Maximise your net realisation
  • Provide RICS compliant banking and accounting

Why it makes sense to work with Hickman Shearer

Plant & machinery valuations

  • Some issues are simple to resolve. Some are extremely complex and require interpretation of different regulations. Plus the analysis of multiple data sources and the application of multiple valuation methodologies
  • Your stakeholders demand improved transparency and evidence based work performed by RICS registered valuers
  • Markets and assets values are not stagnant and fluctuate, therefore impacting outcomes
  • Unrealistic timescales may be set by external stakeholders

Asset management

  • Return on investment on capital assets is becoming increasingly important requiring continued and improved asset performance
  • Finance and operational teams may have differing priorities and goals
  • Fixed asset records are often inaccurate
  • Disparate IT systems and data may not adequately communicate with each other

Asset disposals

  • The disposal process should not impact upon continued operations and activities
  • Demand for assets fluctuates globally across different markets
  • Challenging time constraints set by external stakeholders restrict disposal options
  • Balancing other internal and external factors may impact upon the net realisation

Our story

Hickman Shearer was formed in 1993 to provide:

  • Corporates/SMEs
  • Lenders and investors/insurers
  • Public sector
  • Professional advisors

with the expertise and professional advice needed to:

  • Value
  • Manage
  • Dispose of

capital assets including plant, machinery, equipment and inventory.

Hickman Shearer’s RICS accredited team ensures you receive expert professional, knowledgeable and technical advice:

Meet the team.

Global capital asset valuation support and localised expertise

From its base in the United Kingdom and its cohesive network of offices across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, Hickman Shearer has access to the market data, tools and analysis needed to answer your capital asset questions, no matter how obscure the asset and no matter where it is located.

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