Asset replacement and sustainability

Asset replacement and sustainability

Tools and techniques for implementing sustainable capital asset decisions

Obtain the expert advice and tools you need to deploy an asset replacement and sustainability strategy to assist your long-term operational success.

 Know when to refurbish or replace assets

Conduct a detailed analysis of:

  • Capital costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Operational costs
  • Residual value
  • Asset replacement costs
  • Physical versus accounting lives

Include other risk criteria to predict optimum frequency and timing for asset replacement.

Hickman Shearer combines your financial and technical information with its research and valuations to give you a unique and informative view on asset replacement.

Manage end-of-life asset disposal strategies

Engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure all factors and criteria are considered when shaping and deploying end-of-life capital asset programmes.

By aligning relevant inputs from different stakeholders with Hickman Shearer’s deep experience and best practice in asset disposal, you will be provided with a balanced pragmatic disposal programme.

Subsequently let Hickman Shearer organise an asset rationalisation and sale programme so that you can transfer, redeploy or sell your assets, thereby maximising your return on investment.

Align sustainability and asset management policies and processes

Achieve CSR and sustainability targets by harnessing asset management into your processes.

Make the most out of Hickman Shearer’s proven qualifications, skills and experience in both sustainability and asset management.

Hickman Shearer will work with your sustainability and technical teams to align asset management with your sustainability targets.

Choose to have asset management services delivered on either a consultancy basis or as a turnkey project, where Hickman Shearer leads and delivers the project.

Work with a member of the Institute of Asset Management

Obtain access to Hickman Shearer’s network of asset management software providers and asset maintenance consultants so that you can properly maintain your capital assets.

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Hickman Shearer has successfully delivered asset replacement and sustainability strategy services to:

Cadbury’s, Central Laboratory research Council, GlaxoSmithKline, HJ Heinz, Kraft, Lotus F1, Mars, Mizkan, Pfizer, Qantas, UK Power Networks, Westminster Kingsway College

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