Asset-backed pension schemes

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Asset valuation for asset-backed pension schemes

Leverage capital assets to support asset-backed pension schemes

For employers and trustees who are considering innovative options to support pension schemes, asset-backed contributions (ABC) are providing a solution.

Asset-backed contributions are contractual funding arrangements where an income stream is provided to a scheme, usually via a special purpose vehicle.

These arrangements are described as ‘asset-backed’ because an asset owned by the sponsoring organisation will be transferred to a special purpose vehicle, in which both the organisation and the scheme will have specified interests.

Income from the underlying asset will typically fund the promised payments.

Why the Pensions Regulator recommends independent asset valuation advice

‘Trustees generally need to obtain extensive legal, actuarial, asset valuation and covenant advice,’ says the Pension Regulator.

‘Asset valuations must consider both the present value of the underlying asset and the value of that asset on insolvency of the sponsoring employer/group. It is important that trustees do not rely solely on an audit valuation when making this assessment.’

Your quality guarantee

Understanding capital asset valuation issues requires insight, expertise and experience.

Hickman Shearer is a RICS regulated firm employing high calibre experienced RICS qualified professionals, each of whom has a successful track record of providing asset owners and their advisors with:

  • Robust and relevant asset valuations
  • Supporting detailed market analysis
  • Technical guidance and impartial, authoritative advice

The standards Hickman Shearer’s team works to are both demanded and recognised around the world, ensuring a trusted universal approach and a set of consistent skills globally.

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